Blue Line Design has established a reputation for award-winning custom design. Our focus is on print design because, yes, it is still relevant in the digital age. Print continues to be an important, effective medium and should be part of your marketing.


Blue Line Design has received awards for our work on community events. Whether you need advertising, campaign materials, schedules, programs, brochures, postcards, signage — or all of these for your event, we can be your "go to" resource.


Advertising, magazine layout, special events all require great photos. We collaborate with you to figure out what works best, whether it is photos you already have, photos we take for the project, or a mix. Often we can be onsite at your event to shoot candids.


Graphic design is art that has a job to do and we never forget that. We have reasons for doing everything, and we do discuss your ideas. We want to make sure you are happy with the final outcomes.


We work with clients to improve outcomes on a continuing basis. Over the years our clients have monitored their results (sales, attendance) and like what they find. This is but one reason Blue Line Design has long term relationships with clients.


We have a passion for photography, and specialize in nature and landscapes, night photography and light painting.

WHO - Maggie Merrill

Thanks for taking time to view the Blue Line Design website. Art was my passion as a child, so spending the bulk of my career in the world of graphic design has been a perfect fit. A former employer once described me as “the most left brained/right brained person I’ve ever known” and that sums up my style—a devotion to beauty and function. I love the challenge of creating art that sucessfully satisfies the needs of my clients—art that works.

With a background in both education and corporate business, I find “real world” experience is a bonus. When founding Blue Line Design, the dual goal was to focus on the art work and to collaborate with clients’ on their unique and various needs. We have maintained this approach ever since. Through the years, some wonderful long term relationships have developed with clients who continue to regard Blue Line Design as their “go to” resource for design and marketing materials.

Traveling, hiking, bicycling, and taking photos are favorite activities. Right now I am enjoying visiting beautiful places to do landscape and night photography.

I have owned llamas for two decades now, and enjoy the process of training of them and dealing with their individual characteristics. Xeriscape gardening is another rewarding pasttime because I enjoy the challenge of creating beauty in Colorado’s western arid environment.

AND WHERE - Loveland, CO, USA

Beautiful Northern Colorado, specifically the dynamic little community of Loveland, is home to Blue Line Design. The city has a strong commitment to art and invests accordingly, including subsidizing artist housing which allows a large group of artists to focus on their work full time. There is sculpture everywhere, in parks and on street corners. Loveland is also home to several foundries. Murals beautify public buildings and galleries dot the map.

A spectacular sculpture in the park event has been held every August for decades and draws artists from around the world. In the winter, there is a snow/ice sculpture festival.

Performance art is in abundance offering a wide variety of talent. There is always something interesting to see or do.